Instagram bio makeover cocktail

Give me an hour & I'll give you a magnetic bio

Your Instagram bio is your signature cocktail.

The perfect mix of who you are & what you do.

It's the reason why visitors grab their seat in your social circle.

Here's how to give yours (or your client's) a magnetic makeover in just one (happy) hour.

INCLUDES personalised feedback from me on your newly transformed bio.


Marketing cocktail with a twist of psychology

This is a marketing course with a twist.

I'll show you exactly how to makeover an Instagram bio from a psychology slant, so that it's more magnetic.

You'll have seen snippets of advice before about optimising your bio, but probably none with this psychology slant.

Transforming your bio is a bit like adding a neon cocktail umbrella to your profile.

Eye-catching & definitely harder to ignore.

Who's this for?

DIY marketers

This is for you if you want to transform your own Instagram bio by yourself (with feedback from me). You can apply what you learn here, then refresh your bio every now & then.

Copywriters & social media managers

It's also for you if you're a copywriter or social media manager.

How do I know? I've been a marketer and copywriter for nearly 20 years.

I've added bio makeovers to my service portfolio & you can too.

You can use this framework again & again to transform your clients’ bios. It'll help you -

  • Add a 'quick win' service - great for getting started with new clients.
  • Get to know your client's business quickly - perfect as your relationship grows.
  • Make sure that client messaging is spot on from the start.

You could have a new service ready to go almost instantly, as soon as you complete this course⚡️

You can also use bio makeovers for lead generation & social media engagement. Everyone loves a speedy transformation. Your audience is no exception.

What about using this training to do makeovers on social media with your prospective dream clients?

Here's what you get

  • Bitesize videos (max 6 mins each) walking you through each step of your bio makeover, from display name to highlights.
  • Lots of before & afters, so you can see the fixes for yourself.
  • Bio makeover workbook, for detailed notes & quick refreshes.
  • Personal feedback from me. Show me your finished bio via email & I'll help with any tweaks to perfect it.

Sneaky peek inside the course

"A really enjoyable & insightful workshop, Sue's guide is easy to use & the workshop format is perfect for experimenting with ideas & getting tailored feedback. A must for business owners who want to roll their sleeves up & get stuck in with their own marketing, but want a bit of reassurance along the way."

- Bex, @BrambleAndFoxShopUK


Course Curriculum

  Build your bio
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Measure your main ingredients
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Dash of fizz & a cocktail umbrella?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Shake it up with action points
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Makeover complete!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Get personal feedback
Available in days
days after you enroll

"That CTA is fab ... I never would have thought of using that. That’s why you’re the best! That guide was fantastic, btw."

- Paul, @thePaulSilva


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really add bio makeovers to my menu of services once I've done this course?
You totally can! I've successfully sold bio makeovers as part of my copywriting services. Clients love them because they help sum up what they do & who they do it for. They're particularly good for new clients, as you can provide a quick fix AND get to know their business fast.
How is this course different from Instagram bio tips I can find online?
First of all, you could spend hours googling bio tips & studying best examples for clues. Also, I bet those tips aren't designed with a persuasive psychology twist. Finally, there's nowhere else online where you can get personal access to me. With this course, you can send me your finished bio & I'll give you personal feedback on any tweaks that could perfect it. So when you're all done googling, I'm here!
When does the course start & finish?
The course starts when you're ready. It's a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start & when you finish. You can use it again & again for your makeovers. I do ask that you ask me for feedback within 6 months of purchasing the course.
How long do I have access to the course?
You get unlimited access to this course across all devices. You get one-time access to my personal feedback within 6 months of purchasing the course.
What if I'm unhappy with the course?
I wouldn't want you to be unhappy! Just contact me in the first 14 days after purchase, show me the work you've done on your bio & I'll give you a full refund if you remain unsatisfied with everything I taught you.

"I pored through every page while actually testing your tips step-by-step on my own bio, links, highlights & photo. Everything was explained clearly & I was able to easily navigate through the workbook without needing clarification. Your voice comes through well & I could hear you calmly walking me through each step."

- Lisa, @the_Golden_Brand_Co

Your Instructor

Sue Moore
Sue Moore

As the founder of Virtual Gold Dust, Sue shows thoughtful businesses how to create more persuasive content that opens doors, by adding a twist of marketing psychology.


Instagram bio makeover cocktail

Give me an hour & I'll give you a magnetic bio